Our Ethics

Ethics HECHT Technologie GmbH

We established an environment we enjoy working at and going to every day. Despite all seriousness and discipline, we want to have good times during our daily work. Social relationships to our colleagues, customers and suppliers are a crucial factor for our success and a continued persistence.
HECHT. We care.

Therefore, the following guideline applies:

1. Basic social manners

  • We cultivate a partnership-like cooperation with each other, based on mutual respect, fairness and trust.
  • We are committed to an open and honest communication culture.

2. Satisfied employees

  • We strive for a long-term cooperation with every single one. We react flexibly to the individual needs and talents of our employees to make sure everyone finds their optimal role and can develop their best skills.
  • We constantly intend to improve ourselves as well as our processes.  Mistakes can happen, provided that everybody is willing to learn from them. 
  •  The mental and physical health of our employees is of highest priority for us. Anyone feeling overstrained or sub-challenged in one way or another can discuss it with the respective direct superior or the management at any time

3. Moral principles

  • All our products originate from our own research and development. They do not contain any stolen property or inventions of third parties or people
  • Dishonest behavior and manipulation are not tolerated.

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