Outlet Connection System AAS-EF

The Outlet-Connection-System with integrated dedusting filter AAS-EF is an advancement of the well-established AAS by HECHT. It is used for low-dust discharging (up to OEL 100-1.000 μg/m³) of slightly hazardous and dusty bulk solids from FIBCs and protects the environment against contamination. The AAS-EF is especially used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. Due to the integrated dedusting filter, an acquisition of an external filter unit is no longer necessary.

  • Time and cost saving - no external filter needed
  • No product loss, no dust leakage or product extrusion 
  • Avoidance of product carryover to the extraction units
  • No cross-contamination
  • Low cleaning effort
  • Simple handling
  • Two-hand lever mechanism to avoid the risk of crushing
  • EX-design possible
  • Exchangeable inner tube for different FIBC outlets (optional)
  • Aspiration via integrated suction pipe
  • System and/or FIBC evacuation (optional)
  • Different AAS-diameters
  • Various materials depending on your requirements

Due to the integrated dedusting filter, no external filter unit is required. Compared to the AAS-EF, an external filter involves high acquisition costs and requires even more space.
The integrated dedusting filter makes sure that dusty and dust-free air (clean gas side) are separated and prevents product from intruding the clean gas side or the aspiration unit. Time-consuming cleaning, product loss and product carryover belong to the past!
In terms of operation, the AAS-EF does not differ from the basic connection system AAS and is also operated using the two-hand lever mechanism.  
When using FIBCs with different outlet diameters, the inner tube can be exchanged (optional) in order to adapt the AAS-EF to the outlet diameter of the FIBC in place.


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