Bulk solids handling for the Battery Production

The trend towards electric mobility as well as storage leads to an increasing demand for lithium and other raw materials such as cobalt, nickel and manganese - especially in battery production.
In the demanding production chain of batteries, the feeding of raw materials is the first step, but it is decisive for the quality of the final product. Bulk material handling plays a crucial role here for the service life and performance of the battery. In addition to EX protection, Containment aspects must also be considered.

Production of battery masses

HECHT Technologie realizes and offers highly modern discharging, conveying and dosing technology for the production of a wide variety of battery constituents. The main focus is on the continuous and accurate feeding of raw materials for the production of cathodes and anodes.  But also, for bulk material handling during the process HECHT is a reliable partner in the chemical industry as well as of well-known automotive manufacturers and suppliers. 

A key requirement in the production of battery masses is consistently high product quality. Active materials, various binders, conductive carbon blacks and sometimes liquids are used as raw materials. The individual fabrics are often provided in big bags or sacks by manufacturers all over the world.  Dust-tight discharge or hygienic introduction into the manufacturing process is just as important as avoiding contamination of the end product.  The impact on the power density of the batteries is considerable; the introduction of foreign ions from iron compounds must be avoided at all costs, e.g. during cathode production. Sensible Containment to protect employees from toxic and carcinogenic dusts as well as to keep the sensitive products sorted is essential.

From the big bag discharge stations, for example with "Easy Connect" systems and bag dumping, the raw materials are conveyed completely closed by means of pneumatic conveying to downstream process machines such as mixers or extruders. Depending on the recipe, a dosage accurate to the gram is realized. Even during this process, dust tightness and Containment class up to OEB 5 is guaranteed and the formulation is secured by various Hecht dosing devices.

A customized control and service concept completes the portfolio of your production environment.

Our technicians and engineers in the area of battery production will be glad to advise you.

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