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What started 1978 as a one-man-show in a small flat in Munich, has flourished into an innovative and internationally operating company with more than 80 employees. Over a thousand customers in the Pharma-, Food- and Chemical industry trust our developments and use HECHT technology and machinery on a daily basis. Customized solutions for safe and innovative bulk material handling in more than 10.000 projects worldwide.


1978 - Foundation of „HECHT Anlagenbau“, established as a one-man-operation by Günther Hecht, who started as an educated machine fitter and millwright engineer with his small company in Munich

1980 - Move to Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm: New office premises, more space for more employees

1983- Development of an automatic sampler
 First trade show appearance

1985Development of an FIBC filling- and discharging station

1986 - Recruitment of the first engineer

1987Rental of von external facilities at Raiffeisenstraße in Pfaffenhofen

1997First major order (3,2 Mio DM)
 Company move into the new premises at Schirmbeckstraße
 Already more than 20 employees

2000 - Development of the Flexkon-Dosing and discharging system

2003 - Introduction of the “ProClean” product line: The registered quality label for customized and specially developed solutions for high-value tasks in terms of quality, hygiene and  safety.

2008 - Company name change to HECHT Technologie GmbH: Meanwhile the company  generates more than half of the turnover within Europe, USA and Asia. The word „Technologie“  is - compared to „Anlagenbau“ - intelligible in all languages.

2010 - Market launch of the new pneumatic ProClean Conveyor (PCC)

2012 - Jan Hecht, son of the company founder and industrial engineer specialized in mechanical  engineering, joins the company and initially passes through all HECHT departments

2015 - Transfer of the company management to Jan Hecht. Vather Günther Hecht stays in the  company in a consultative role.

2016 - Hecht Technologie counts over 90 employees. More than 50% of the turnover is generated  with projects abroad

 2017 - Final takeover of the management position by Jan Hecht after the death of Günther Hecht

2020 - Completion of the Technical Service Centre in Pörnbach. More than 120 Employees work at HECHT.

Günther Hecht in 1978
Günther Hecht in 1978
Headquater HECHT Technologie
Headquater HECHT Technologie
Bulk solids
Bulk solids

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