SoliValve Split-Cone System

HECHT's SoliValve® Split -Cone System  enables a fully automatic, low-contamination and contained discharging and dosing (up to OEL 10 – 100 µg/m³) of slightly hazardous products from special FIBCs with conical closure (SoliBag®).
Unlike any other solution for powder handling on the market, the SoliValve® technology is versatile, reliable and guarantees outstanding results and performance in terms of containment (OEB5), dosing accuracy (+/-1g) and complete automation. 
Only the SoliValve® technology allows to fill or discharge FIBCs, Rigid IBCs, drums and bags via the same docking unit thanks to the universal Passive-SoliValve® design and execution. 
Forget about expensive and complicated split butterfly valves or the old-fashioned Cone Valve technology with their expensive proprietary IBCs. SoliValve® is much more than another Cone Valve system. It’s the future standard for Cone Valve technology!

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  • Automatic connection of the SoliBags® via Split-Cone system (active cone attached to the connection system, passive cone attached to the FIBC)
  • Cost effective due to reusable FIBC with integrated cone, no separate dedusting necessary
  • Gravimetric metering control
  • Partial discharging possible
  • Integrated cone valve discharger
  • Additional discharging aid with fluidization
  • N2-Inertisation
  • CIP-version for hygienic cleaning (optional)
  • EX-design possible
  • System universally usable for SoliBag®, SoliDrum®, SoliCon®
  • Passive cone valve mounting for standard FIBCs
  • For  FIBCs with or without inner liner
  • Only low room height necessary, docking at floor level

The automatic connection of the Soli-Bags® to the SoliValve® Split-Cone system not only facilitate the work for the operator but also requires only a low room height because a docking at floor level is possible. The integrated discharge aid facilitates discharging of poor-flowing bulk materials by lifting and lowering the conical closure. An optional supply of air or inert gas generates a fluidization of the product at the outlet. By controlling the active valve, product can be dosed from the FIBC. Here you can find the fluidization video
In case of a partial discharge, the SoliBag® is closed with the integrated conical closure system and can be re-connected and discharged again. CIP nozzles (Cleaning in Place) and a cleaning cover guarantee a hygienic cleaning of the entire connection system.

Based on the well known Cone Valve principle, the SoliValve® system goes several steps further. 
The first major difference is that SoliValve® is compatible with all type of recipients from Rigid IBC, FIBC to drums. Then, the SoliValve® is the only Cone Valve system equipped with the patented Fluidisation feature that allows to blow air or nitrogen inside the recipient to help discharge difficult flowing powderbreak bridges and avoid segregation. The SoliValve® system is fully automated. No manual operations are needed anymore to connect/disconnect the recipient. Partial discharging of IBCs and FIBCs is possible at any time and is dust-tight. Thanks to an state of the art dosing algorithm, a millimeter accurate positioning of the opening and an internal high frequency vibrator, the SoliValve® allows very precise and repeatable dosing. A dosing precision of 1% (even 0.5% with SoliValve®100) can be achieved depending on the scale resolution.  The Passive-SoliValve® being made of injected polymer, it is very cost efficient, and allows single usage of FIBC instead of expensive RIBC.

And finally, one of the biggest advantage of this system is its containment. The SoliValve® ensure dust tight powder transfer. A SMEPAC test with Lactose was conducted by an independent labor on the SoliValve®100 and gave an OEB 5 value (<1 ug/m3).

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