What is REACH?

REACH - What does that mean?

REACH Requirements under Containment

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation (EG No. 1907/2006) entered into force in 2007. It requires the registration of imported, processed and uttered chemical substances >1 to/a. The extended registration deadline will end on 01 June 2018. From that day on the registration is only possible, if a request according to article 26 (duty to inquire prior to registration) was handed in at ECHA. To overcome a costly and holistic registration, there is the possibility for chemical processed substances to register as “intermediate under strictly controlled conditions” (SCC).

Technical solutions minimize the exposition towards operator and environment. Thus, on-site as well as transported isolated intermediate substances can be registered under reduced information request. The consequent usage of containment systems for handling of bulk materials allows for the confirmation of strictly controlled conditions.

The compliance of guidelines regarding strictly controlled conditions can also reduce requirements when it comes to applications in which substances are not chemically converted. In this way, for example, costly (sub-)chronic toxicity studies can be avoided.

For product and process orientated research and development (PPORD) pilot plants can be used for scale-up to achieve a temporary exemption from registration.

We will gladly advise you on how to implement REACH requirements. Concerning further questions regarding REACH registration, we refer you to our specialized partner who offers a comprehensive range of services.


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