Classification of Containment Systems

Not all bulk solids are dangerous or sensitive in the same way, therefore, Containment systems are divided into different „categories“ according to their application and field of use. Considering that, customer and / or legislative authority determine product specific limit values. The aim of this classification is to select the suitable production facility respectively the „right“ working process for the used product. In practice, a distinction is made between the following classifications or limit values:         

OEL (Occupational Exposure Limit) is the average load of concentration of a substance in the air at the workstation measured over a defined time period so that no acute or chronic harms to the health of the employee is expected. It is calculated out of the  ADE (Acceptable Daily Exposure) and some other values. Are not all values known for the calculation you normally use a classification.

OEB (Occupational Exposure Band) considers only the toxicology of the pure substance. The more toxic the product the more higher will be the OEB.

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HECHT Containment Pyramid
HECHT Containment Pyramid

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