Due to the increasing number of industrially manufactured bulk solids and their various tasks, not only a high expertise is needed, but also numerous tests and trials should be performed in order to ensure a safe and reliable design. For this purpose, HECHT offers a variety of rental devices that can - based on industrial standards - take over even comprehensive tasks and production processes directly at your premises and also provide the necessary investment safety.  

Especially key technologies like discharging stations for various containers as well as conveying equipment are essential parts of the HECHT portfolio. Within our large pool of rental devices we can offer you simple and unbuerocratic support when you do not want to invest in a purchase system. 

Our portfolio contains the following systems and components for rent, either single versions or combined for different Containment classifications.


  • Sack Discharging Stations
  • Drum Discharging Stations
  • FIBC Discharging
  • Filling Systems for cartons and other small bins with or without (endless) liners
  • Filling Systems for drums with and without inliners.
  • FIBC Filling Stations
  • Pneumatic- and mechanic conveying systems
  • Sieving devices
  • Dosing Stations
  • Metering Stations 
  • Various components from our HECHT Portfolio

With our rental devices we not only create a basis for a safe and reliable design of your systems, but also support you with the optimization of your production processes or even help you set up a feasibility analyzis.  

The simple and ergonomic handling of our  systems can easily be tested by your production team on site. We are happy to provide a respective training for our rentals and take care of the installation of the machinery.


Why decide for a rental device?

  • Support for fast decision-finding to choose the right technology
  • Investment Safety – Convince yourselves of the quality in advance.
  • Push your order intake – we are prepared to help you out during high capacity requirements, even in "last-minute" cases.
  • Enlarge your product range – Introduce new formulation methods besides your existing ones: we are there to support you with your investments.
  • Rent a HECHT and avoid shortages in your production process due to long-term repair or revisions of existing machinery  -  Take your time to make sure your systems are preserved in perfect order and condition.
  • Your supplier is about to cancel the agreed delivery date? No proplem, we can help out immediately!
  • You are dissatisfied with a delivered system? – Go and chek out our HECHT systems!
  • Your budget is running low and you want to avoid a high capital commitment? Contact us to get an offer for our flexible rentals! 

In any case we will support you with a detailled offer tailor-made for your needs.

By the way: A takeover of the rented machinery is possible, depending on the use case, the existing system(s) and after discussing your individual case. 


HECHT Showroom
HECHT Showroom
Rental device ProClean Conveyor PCC
Rental device ProClean Conveyor PCC
Rental Device CFE-K
Rental Device CFE-K

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