Single Use Technology

HECHT Single Use Technologies offer operator- and product protection and help you effectively reduce your costs up to 40 percent compared with conventional solutions with fixed stationary isolators.
Disposable technologies for filling, discharging, weighing, sampling as well as for customized product manipulations are currently establishing in various industries. 

Single-use-isolators instead of stainless steel and product handling with foil (liner) bags contribute to a significant manufacturing cost- and cleaning cost reduction, product loss and cross-contamination can be avoided and a high product quality can be guaranteed.

Especially during a frequent product change or handling of highly active and hazardous substances like cytostatics, carcinogen or mutant toxics, antibiotics, etc. HECHT Single-Use Technologies are particularly suitable for these circumstances.

Simplify your handling with an easy and quick liner system exchange, no cleaning effort and a guarantee for a constant production process - test our single use technology!


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