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85276 Pfaffenhofen 

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Managing directors authorised to represent the company: Jan Hecht, Markus Behringer, address as above
Authorised officer: Steven Multer, address as above
Register court: Ingolstadt local court
Register number: HRB 190781
Value added tax identification number in accordance with § 27a of the Value Added Tax Act: DE 812 473 307


In its judgement of 12 May 1998, the Regional Court of Hamburg ruled that the inclusion of a link may entail co-responsibility for the content of the linked page. According to the court, this can only be prevented by expressly distancing oneself from these contents. The HECHT Technologie website contains links to other websites on the Internet. The following applies to all these links: HECHT Technologie expressly declares that it has no influence whatsoever on the design and content of the linked pages. HECHT Technologie therefore expressly distances itself from all contents of all linked pages on this homepage and does not adopt these contents as its own. This declaration applies to all links displayed on this homepage and to all contents of the pages to which banners, buttons and links visible here lead.

Automated querying of our databases using software scripts or comparable mechanisms is not permitted without our consent. We also refer to Par. 303a StGB data modification:

Anyone who unlawfully deletes, renders unusable or modifies data (Par.202a para.2) is liable to a custodial sentence of up to two years or a monetary penalty.

The attempt is punishable. as well as Par. 303b StGB computer sabotage:

Anyone who interferes with data processing that is of essential importance to another person's business, another person's company or a public authority by committing an offence under section 303a(1) or by destroying, damaging, rendering unusable, removing or altering a data processing system or a data carrier is liable to a custodial sentence not exceeding five years or a monetary penalty.

The attempt is punishable. In particular, we also refer to the decision of 25 August 2000 - Ref. 19 U 2/00 - of the Higher Regional Court of Cologne, which grants us a "virtual domiciliary right" to prevent disruptions, which we may make use of if necessary.

The content of our website may not be included or linked to other websites without our express consent.


Hecht Technologie GmbH

Schirmbeckstr. 17
D-85276 Pfaffenhofen

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