„I am proud of being able to take over a successful enterprise and lead it into the second generation!" Jan Hecht took over the role as Manging Director in 2015 and persues to create a modern and familiar atmosphere based on confidence and responsibility. Everybody is invited to an active participation and to enhance his personal development. "Our slogan „WE CARE“ is not just empty words, but reality at HECHT. It starts with ourselves and applies to everyone working together with us."

Together with the 2nd Managing Director Markus Behringer and the Director Technical Department Steven Multer the executive management is complete. "Our organisation is built on clear structures and enables everyone to live up to our principles: personal and informal interaction with short-decision-paths and simple communication channels. Our familial cohesion is a perfect baseline for a reliable and trusting cooperation – hand in hand with our partners and customers."

HECHT Org Chart
HECHT Org Chart
HECHT Management: Steven Multer, Markus Behringer und Jan Hecht
HECHT Management: Steven Multer, Markus Behringer und Jan Hecht

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