Vacuum Conveyor PCC

With the ProClean Conveyor (PCC) HECHT developed an extremely flexible and reliable conveying system. The pneumatic device is the ideal connection of different machinery such as granulators, dryers, blenders, grinders and centrifuges. It is especially suitable for discharging of bulk solids into different containers like drums, FIBCs or sacks within your inhouse process. The PCC ensures high conveying capacities for long conveying distances and guarantees a safe conveying of explosive or toxic substances. In addition, a dust- and contamination free environment is ensured.
The special design with its innovative filter head comes with numerous further advantages.

PCC 200 Non Pressure
PCC 200 NP
  • Suitable for all Containment Levels: either for toxic fine dusts, toxic products,
    special requirements for hygienic design, or as a completely closed system
  • Developed according to Hygienic Design standards
  • FDA- und ASME-compliant, pressure-resistant design according to
    2014/68/EU available
  • WIP- or CIP units integrable
  • Oxygen-free conveying (inert) 
  • Simple filter change without any tools or dismantling of pipes or cables
  • Large filter surface, i.e. low filter resistance for a high conveying capacity
  • Long conveying distance due to unique filter concept
  • Reduced maintenance times as well as high resistance to low filter load
  • Various designs, many optional features
  • Adjustable settings: from fast flight conveying to gentle plug conveying 
Simple filter exchange
Simple filter exchange

The special feature of our ProClean Conveyor (PCC) is the filter head with its high-performance ring filter system: Video

With the FDA-compliant ring filter technology, the filter body acts as an extension of the knock-out vessel.  During the conveying process, the product-gas-mixture is aspirated by a hose- or piping system and enters the knock-out vessel of the conveyor through the product entry valve. 

One big advantage given through the unique design and construction is the arrangement of the connections on top of the casing cover. Vacuum- and compressed air units are mounted laterally to the device and do not have to be disassembled for a filter exchange or a cleaning- or maintenance process. 

Due to its compact design, the PCC runs with high performance taking up minimum space and can be equipped with different filter types. Further advantages: Operating parameters like conveying- or cleaning times are easily adjustable. The collecting vessels can be charged both under overpressure as well as under negative pressure.

HECHT offers the PCC in four designs with different diameters (100-300) and conveying capacities. You can choose from pressureless or pressure-resistant versions or apply the PCC as a mobile solution.


Vakuumförderer PCC mit Ringfilter
Vakuumförderer PCC mit Ringfilter

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