Vacuum Conveyor PCC

Introducing the ProClean Conveyor (PCC) by HECHT - a groundbreaking pneumatic conveyor facilitating seamless connections between pivotal machinery such as reactors, granulators, dryers, and mixers. Its versatility extends to precisely transferring bulk materials into diverse containers, drums, big bags, or sacks. Notably, the PCC ensures not only robust conveying capabilities and secure handling of hazardous substances but also fosters a dust-free, contamination-free environment. Its adaptable nature renders it indispensable across various industrial domains. The PCC's distinctive design, featuring an innovative filter head, guarantees reliability, efficiency, and safety. Experience the future of material conveyance with HECHT - a solution tailored to surpass the most stringent requirements and elevate your operational processes to unprecedented heights.

Vacuum conveyor PCC Family
Vacuum conveyor PCC Family
  • Suitable for almost all products: e.g. explosive fine dusts, toxic chemicals, valuable metal powders, food lactose and pharmaceutical APIs and much more.
  • Almost absolute vacuum, horizontal and vertical conveying over long distances of products with high residual moisture or high density
  • Conceived according to the principles of hygienic design
  • Wide range of options and variants: FDA or ASME compliant, DRGR 2014/68/EU, Atex versions, WIP and CIP versions
  • Conveying modes and parameters individually adapted and adjustable to the product
  • Greatly reduced set-up and maintenance times 
  • Unique, durable ring filter technology
  • Retrofittable filter head
Simple filter exchange
Simple filter exchange
  • Detailed functionality here in the video
  • High resistance to filter punctures
  • Special arrangement of the connections on the housing cover -
  • Tool-free filter change
  • No disassembly necessary for filter change, cleaning or maintenance
  • Adaptable to the respective product thanks to different filter types
  • Receiver container can be charged like reactors in positive and negative pressure
  • Variants with different diameters (100-300) and flow rates
  • The PCC can also be used as a mobile


Vakuumförderer PCC mit Ringfilter
Vakuumförderer PCC mit Ringfilter

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