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Case Study: Feeding of Blenders

The selection of the right mixing technology and automated systems depends above all on the desired functions and the raw materials to be processed by our customers. Especially in the food industry a simple, hygienic and easy to clean feeding system plays an important role. The combined HECHT sack discharging station guarantee a constant product quality through efficient production processes as well as a low-dust or dust-free, closed conveying of your product into a safe and clean blending process.

Not only the operator-friendly design and the low space requirements of our systems, but also the reduced production costs are important selling points for our customers.  - Read more in our application report on mixer feeding.

Further Information in the projekt handout

Feeding of Blenders
Feeding of Blenders

Casestudy: High Volume bulk handling for Nutraceutical Production USA

Efficient production of various soluble and insoluble bulks and to transport it gentle to the following process has been the customer and HECHT task. It has become a huge project which has been tailormade for our HECHT engineers. Our customer is one of the world-leading companies for nutrition health for professional sports and the private sector.

The conveying amount as well as the continually feeding of the process equipment has been the most difficult and important step. Mechanical conveyors would reach the enormous amounts of 8000 kg/h  24 hours 7 days a week in a 3 shift production site, but the space of this equipment is enormous. Also the gentle transport of the powders can not be guaranteed with mechanical conveyors. The pneumatic conveying has been the perfect method due to its very gentle conveying process.

The challenging points of this project have been:

  • Gentle conveying of powder or bulks reliably
  • Autarkic working of the system for operator and product safety
  • Conveying of huge amounts continuously  and discontinuously  
  • Products with ATEX requirements must be conveyed without oxygen 
  • Avoidance of segregation
  • Easy to clean with focus on hygienic and regulatory requirements 

For realizing the whole project four PCC 700 and six Super Sack Discharging stations have been built up.  The stations are used for feeding the conveying. 
The transported bulk is immediately stored at buffer vessels with a volume of  2000 dm, after that it is transported via gravity into a blender.
With the support of the buffer vessels the blender and the conveying can be used separately and both continuously. 

After the mixing process  the bulk is transferred with more  than 25 PCC 100-300 to filling lines for final packaging.  

Further Information in the projekt handout

PCC 700 for Nutraceutical Production
PCC 700 for Nutraceutical Production
HighSpeed Filling Line
Filling in cans by PCC


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