Apart from a purely mechanical installation most of our customers focus on a predetermined qualification process for the applied systems.

In general, this process consists of various stages and acceptance- and certification procedures. Besides the DQ (Design Qualification) including the release of approval drawings, the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) or SAT (Site Acceptance Test) are common elements of a qualification process. A further part can be the IQ (Installation Qualification) or a performance test in order to determine the respective process parameters. We are happy to work out the detailed setup of the qualification process together with you. 

If necessary, we will perform a Mock-Up in order to provide a suitable and individual consulting. That means we will pre-build the systems by setting up a flexible wood construction. Also, when it comes to FATs, we initially work with wood frame constructions before it comes to the final acceptance process with our customers. 

FAT - Factory Acceptance Test

FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) for a new HECHT system is an optional element of our qualification process. By passing through this examination, you can be assured that the investments for your solutions correspond exactly to your preferences and meet your expectations.
Depending on the predetermined agreements and contracts, a FAT can be either performed with or without a functionality test. The acceptance of your systems therefore will be perfomed according to the exactly defined acceptence criterias.
During an acceptance with functionality test, a complete check of all basic functions of the electrical and mechanical systems are performed. Basic principles of any kind of test is the content of the specification sheet and if needed, further agreements determined during the contract conclusion and/or adjustments of the HECHT systems. Normally, we run a FAT without products.

An FAT of a new HECHT machninery takes place on our suppliers' and manufacturers' premises. Every step of the official factory acceptance testing is being documented in a written acceptance report, which will finally be signed by the customer along with our HECHT team. Now the customer again has the opportunity to discuss smaller changes and adjustments with our personnel and perform all modifications before the final dispatch.

After a successful acceptance, our systems and machinery will be prepared by definition and made ready for delivery.

SAT - Site Acceptance Test

The SAT (Site Acceptance Test) of a new HECHT system is another optional part of our qualification process. einer HECHT Anlage ist ebenfalls optionaler Bestandteil unseres Qualifizierungsprozess. Primarily, the SAT is a part of the IQ process.

Besides the documented proof of the professional mechanical and electrical assembly, the functionality of the system will be reviewed and is also being protocolled. Furthermore, special I/O- or software validation can be performed. After a successful SAT, a first test run with the actual product or a test product can be carried out. Only then it is possible to perform an effective run with the actual production parameters in combination with the respective recipe handling .

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Mock-Up for FAT
SAT on site
SAT on site

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