The acquisition of new machinery or technical equipment in companies usually
takes place through high investments and the purchase of those systems, which are
financed either through equity or also through loans. If the loan is paid off after many
years, the existing technology may already be outdated and no longer up-to-date. 

Leasing of systems and equipment offers here the possibility to stay economically
up to date and to reduce high initial investment costs.

Lease it and use it!

With the leasing of HECHT bulk materials handling equipment, we offer you the
opportunity to always remain at the cutting edge of machine technology.

This is a worthwhile alternative in contrast to direct purchase with high acquisition
costs. A large part of your capital in the company remains free and can be used for
other investments.

Hecht offers lucrative conditions for leasing almost all plants and systems from
our product portfolio.  

The rates are clearly defined by the leasing contract, after the end of the contract you
decide which option is suitable for you:

  • The purchase of the equipment
  • Simple contract extension

We will be happy to submit you a detailed customized offer for your individual requirements.


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