Containment Clip

We see ensure a high level of personal and product protection as the fundamental basis for our containment systems. Continuously improving this protection and increasing cost-effectiveness at the same time is another important demand we place on ourselves. To save material and time, or to achieve validatable results in your process steps, the Hecht Containemnt Clip with the patent-pending Clip Connector is the perfect further development of our closure systems. In combination with the HECHT High Containment Closing System, the Containment Clip ensures a simple, safe and validatable sealing and cutting of films.

Containment Clip mit Clip Connector
Containment Clip with Clip Connector
  • The containment clip can be validated by a fixed distance between the clips
  • Easy positioning of the containment clips
  • Less waste of the liner unit
  • Easier and safer working
  • Durable vibration-resistant closure
  • Time saving during sealing
  • Protection of operator and product
Containment Clip with validated cut
Containment Clip with validated cut

The HECHT containment clip is positioned on the liner and both clips are tightened.
The Clip Connector and the liner are then separated by a clean cut in the centre with the liner scissors.


The HECHT Containment-Clip is available in the variants HECHT CC-M and HECHT CC-L. These are already pre-assembled as a set.
Liner clip variant M: 210 mm length
Liner clip variant L: 337 mm length

Containment Clip with Clip Conncetor
Containment Clip with Clip Conncetor

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