Drum Discharger CFE-K-EC

HECHT's Containment Drum Discharger CFE-K-EC with tipping device and "Easy" port  is used for low-contamination discharging of drums with inner liners up to OEB 5. Thanks to the new EC-port which is part of our "Easy Connect" Family,  drums can now be exchanged significantly easier and more economic. The new technology enables a drum exchange nearly free of any consumables.
The increased operator convenience and still high Containment conditions are strong arguments for this new technology. By means of the tipping device drums can be connected easily.
The products supplied in drums are additionally packed in foils, also referred to as liners, to ensure operator- and product protection.

  • Safe Discharging of drums up to OEB 5, OEL < 1µ/m³
  • Observation of the product flow
  • Product handling by means of gloves for easy handling
  • Simple and contamination-free exchange of the gloves
  • Higher degree of automation due to the new EC-port
  • Exact positioning and docking of the drum with guide rails
  • Discharging of different drum Diameters
  • Further transportation via downpipe or downstream conveying (pneumatic)
  • WIP integration possible
  • Nitrogen purging
  • Hygienic- or ATEX design possible
  • Optional empty sack disposal
  • Various surfaces and materials
  • Significant reduction of consumables
  • Quick, simple and safe handling

Functional Video

By means of a special tilting and lifting device, the drum is lifted at the backside of the glove box and attached to the provided connection port.
In the initial position, the remaining liner seals the glove box. The operator fastens the outer liner tube to the double O-Ring port of the isolator via the remaining liner.
Following, by means of the gloves, the operator pulls the remaining liner into the isolator. The clamping ring is fastened to the outer groove and the open drum is drawn into the isolator. Within the device, the inner liner is emptied with the gloves. By force of gravity, the bulk material is now transported to the next process step. Optionally, a suction shoe can be mounted to the bottom of the outlet of the glove box in order to integrate and connect a subsequent downstream vacuum conveying. 

After the discharging process, the liner tube seals the drum and the isolator with a special double closure system. This double-closure technology ensures protection of both the isolator as well as the product against unwanted product escape or entry.
The cycle can now start again and a new drum can be connected.

Backside CFE-K-EC
Backside CFE-K-EC

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