Delumper with Screen Grater

The delumper with screen grater in easy-to-clean design from HECHT breaks up hard lumps and agglomerates in different sizes and is loading point for pneumatic conveying systems. With its hygienic designed construction, the delumper can be used for pharmaceutical, chemical or food applications.

  • Construcktion in Hygienic Design
  • Quick dismantling and easy to clean
  • The screen insert can be replaced easily and is available in different mesh sizes (10,15 or 20 mm)
  • The distance between screen and rotor can be set to adjust it to the particular product
  • The performance is up to 1.000 - 4.000 kg/h (depending on the product).
  • Pharma-designed O-ring sealing of the lid
  • Bearing play fluid (also with nitrogen possible).
  • Foreign object- as well as temperature monitoring with optional automatic decoupling or shutdown
  • A safety switch prevents from accidentally opening of the lid.
  • Ex-qualified Zone 20 to 22

The agglutinated product is broken up by the interaction of the stator and the rotation of the rotor. The mesh size of the screen ensures that just accordingly crushed product is transported. The right and efficient feeding of the further process steps can be guarateed.


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