High Containment Closing System

With the HECHT High Containment Closing System, consisting of liner scissors,
closing tool and liner clips, liners can be closed and cut easily and safely.

  • The closing system can be combined with the following HECHT systems: ProClean Expendable Powder Sampling (EPS), ProClean Expendable Weighing Isolator (EWI), Liner Connecting System (LAS), Liner Filling Head LBK, Filling Head Type SBK, Continuous Liner Filling Head
  • The liner scissors consist of a steel blade and a counter piece.
  • The liner is protected by the blade guide when positioning
    the liner scissors, which ensures exact and safe cutting.
  • Unique closing tool
  • High-Quality liner clip with a safety pin
  • The reliable and rugged technology of the liner scissors and
    the closing tool ensures user-friendly handling.

High containment systems must always be operated in closed mode. The use of containers with liners or the application of expendable liner technology often requires closing and cutting of liners, e.g.:

  • for changing containers,
  • sampling,
  • transferring or
  • packing

By means of the closing tool, two liner clips are positioned close to each other and the liner is tied off. Afterwards, the liner scissors are guided between the two liner clips and the liner is separated with a clean cut.



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