Scale Compensators

HECHT's Scale Compensators are designed for safe decoupling of filling scales with a high resolution. Due to its special shape with seamless and smooth compensator walls, it prevents any residues inside the compensator.

  • No dead spots, no product deposits
  • For TriClamp or pipe connection
  • Clamp version with replaceable stabilisation and support ring
  • Optimal weight decoupling for an accurate weighing result
  • No gluing spots, cast in one piece, permanently elastic
  • Low height
  • Construction in Hygienic Design
  • WIP-function
  • Low consumption costs
  • Operator and product protection
  • Patented TriClamp Version
  • Pressure resistant up to 100 mbar
  • Materials: Silicone MVQ, FDA FDA compliant
    EPDM black, FDA compliant, electrically conductive
    EPDM White, FDA compliant
  • Sizes: DN 80, 100, 150, 200 und 250



Forced tractions during connections of process equipment may sometimes lead to false weighing results. Due to the flexible design of the HECHT scale compensator, possible tractions are balanced and an accurate result is guaranteed.


Due to their construction, most compensators are not suitable for pharma or API applications.


One of the crucial factors for Hygienic Design is to avoid product deposits in the so-called dead spots. Sometimes even during the cleaning process it is not possible to completely and thoroughly remove product residues which can then lead to cross-contamination of the different charges.


HECHT's scale compensator is therefore the perfect solution. Its unique geometric design prevents product deposits and is easy to clean.


Various materials for almost any kind of application enable numerous possible uses.


The patented TriClamp-version is additionally equipped with an exchangeable support ring. During the maintenance, only the elastic part of the compensators needs to be exchanged.


Our scale compensator is the ideal chance to significantly save costs.




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