Vacuum Conveyor PCC 700

Especially for the connection of machinery like blenders or filling stations with high production volumes, HECHT developed the ProClean Conveyor PCC 700, a further development of the HECHT vacuum conveyor for systems with high GMP- and FDA-requirements of our customers.
Der PCC 700 enables a secure conveying of bulk solids, guarantees a dust- and contamination free environment and is extremely flexible to use. Its special design with the innovative filter concept offer numerous advantages.

  • Up to 10000 kg/h
  • Designed according to Hygienic Design Standards; FDA- and ASME-compliant for the US market
  • WIP- or CIP-units possible, no disassembly for filter exchange
  • Pressure-resistant version according to European guideline 2014/68/EU available
  • Oxygen-free conveying (inert) possible
  • Adjustable settings: from fast flight conveying to gentle plug conveying 
  • Different versions and numerous options available 
  • Simple filter exchange without tools or disassembly of pipes
  • Large filter surface, i.e. low filter resistance for high conveying capacities
  • Long conveying distance due to unique filter concept
  • Reduced maintenance times
  • High resistance due to low filter load
  • Vacuum-tight up to -1 bar
  • Vacuum-tight up to +0,49 bar (no acceptance of pressure units necessary)
  • Flange design for mounting factory assembled containers
  • Standard knock-out vessel for up to 800 l

Starting from a feeding point like for example a FIBC discharging station the product is transported through a conveying pipe and the product entry valve to the knock-out vessel. The product-gas-mixture will then be separated again by the filter units. As soon as the PCC 700 is filled, the aspiration cycle is stopped, the product-entry valve opens and the product will be discharged.

The high performance of the PCC 700-conveyor are based on the four large filter units and the high volume of the knock-out vessel. Aspiration of the product is performed via negative pressure (vacuum) and the (pulse-driven) cleaning of the filters happens at the same time, the product can travel through long conveying distances and only one single aspiration cycle is needed in order to fill the high volume knock-out vessel.

In addition, the large filter surface (up to 3,6 m²) and the low pressure tolerance lead to a significantly lower filter load. This enables an effective conveying of very fine-grained products (< 1μm) and downtimes can be reduced. The operator can easily exchange the filter elements in a short time without tools. 


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