Drum Emptying System with Lance FE-L

The HECHT FE-L drum emptying system is a new development inspired by our CFE-L drum emptying system. With the mobile FE-L, drums can be emptied dust-free and ergonomically. It is possible to empty drums with and without liners. For drums with liners, the liner can be vacuumed up to the edge of the drum to ensure complete emptying. This system also allows partial emptying, allowing for targeted use of raw materials.

Fassentleerung mit Lanze
Fassentleerung mit Lanze
  • For complete drum emptying
  • Easy docking for fast drum changeover
  • Suitable for EX zones
  • Low dust due to vacuum conveying
  • Extremely ergonomic due to guided lance with self-weight compensation
  • Different drum types and sizes can be emptied
  • Optional dispensing via the lance, allowing direct transfer to production
  • Easy integration with roller conveyor systems
  • Compact design makes the system mobile, increasing flexibility in your production environment
  • Optionally FDA compliant and hygienic design according to GMP guidelines

The FE-L is fed a drum via roller conveyor, lifting device, or operator. Once the drum is correctly positioned, a pneumatic retaining ring is lowered to secure it. If the drum is equipped with a liner, an additional pneumatic fixing ring is attached to the upper opening to secure the liner, and vacuum is applied between the liner and the drum. The vacuum causes the liner to adhere automatically to the drum, facilitating optimal emptying of the raw material. This effectively prevents the liner from being sucked into the lance, avoiding any disruption.

It is possible to pause or stop the extraction process at any time. To undock the drum, the safety mechanisms are deactivated, and the drum is removed.


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