LAS-EC "Easy"

The Liner Connection system LAS-EC "Easy" for discharging Big Bags provides the solution by offering defined and safe handling with a logical operating sequence of only a few steps. Tailor-made to meet your discharging requirements, it enables easy, ergonomic and especially safe discharging of powder.


  • Control unit with 3 buttons:
    Connecting, Sealing and Disconnecting
  • No consumables like O-Rings
  • Fast change of Big Bags or liners
  • Side Port with endless liner system
  • Pneumatic and mechanical sealing
  • Containment up to OEB 5
  • Optional WIP and CIP Equipment
  • Ergonomic Handling


1. Positioning and connecting of the Big Bag
2. Fixing of the inner liner with the pneumatic sealing device
3. Inserting and tighten of the guide rope
4. One time pushing of the plate
5. Removing of the rope
6. Fixing and mechanic sealing
7. Discharging of the Big Bag
8. Closing of the Big Bag with the Containment Closing System

 You can watch the easy handling in our  Video


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