Liner Connection System LAS

HECHT's Liner Connection System LAS enables a dust-free, high-Containment discharging (up to OEL≤ 1 μg/m³) of different kinds of bins with inliners.
It guarantees operator protection, environmental- and product protection and avoids contamination and impurities from the outside. With the usage of protective liners, a high level of Containment is possible, especially during the bin change. The LAS is used in particular when handling very hazardous products and for demanding applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries mainly to avoid cross-contamination.

  • For FIBCs, mini FIBCs, drums or containers (adapter necessary)
  • Easy handling due to two-hand lever mechanism within high-Containment areas
  • EX-design available
  • WIP- und CIP-units with covers and spray nozzles (optional)
  • Dedusting / Evacuation
  • FIBC mounting to lateral side supports or rear mounting arms 
  • Different materials and mounting methods
  • Access holes with continuous liner port (optional)

By means of the two-hand lever mechanism, the liner connection system is ideally suited for High Containment applications. A protective liner closes both the product tube as well as the lateral access hole even when no FIBC is attached. For the discharging process, the FIBC inliner is directly attached to the product tube with a connecting ring. Afterwards, a liner bag is fastened to the lateral access hole and permits a contamination-free dismounting of the FIBC shower cap in order to remove the remaining foil of the previously connected bin.
Finally, the sealing flange is closed and the FIBC outlet can be opened to start the discharging.
An optional WIP- or CIP-unit can be installed for washing or hygienically cleaning of the device.
To save time during the bin change, the LAS can be equipped with a continuous liner at the lateral access hole.


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