Protective Liner Connection System SAS

The Protective Liner Connection System SAS by HECHT enables a dust-free and contained discharging (up to OEL 5-20 μg/m³) of FIBCs and other bins with inner liners by means of continuous liner technology. The SAS is mainly used for handling hazardous substances and for demanding applications within the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

  • Contained and safe handling by means of protective liners, even when no bin is attached
  • Optional connection of drums or containers
  • Extraction protection (electronic or pneumatic) incl. adaption of the lifting device (optional)
  • EX-design possible
  • WIP-cover with spray nozzle (optional)
  • Aspiration / Evacuation
  • Space-saving folded continuous liner package
  • Various sizes available

The continuous protective liner guarantees a contained and contamination-free connection and discharging process. Even with no FIBC or other bin attached, the product tube is closed by the protective liner. The folded continuous liner package acts as a liner dispenser (up to 30m) and permits the connection of various FIBCs requiring only little storage space.
Exchanging the kit takes place contamination-free.
Optionally, the SAS can be equipped with an extraction protection. An automatic retightening prevents the FIBC outlet from being unintentionally pulled out of the connection system, e.g. when lifting the FIBC by means of the chain hoist. With an optional WIP-cover the SAS can easily be washed and hygienically cleaned. 


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