Lifting Columns

Lifting columns are stand-alone lifting devices used as an alternative to chain hoists.
Due to the smooth surfaces, the encapsulated supply pipes and the free accessibility, they are especially suitable when a strict cleanability is needed. This is usually the case in the pharmaceutical industry, but also for high-grade applications in the chemical or food area.

  • Pharma version in stainless steel, wet cleaning possible
  • Combinable with all HECHT connection systems, FIBC supports with or without agitation unit and table frames
  • Mounted to ceiling in case of high loads
  • Different EX-designs available
  • Load capacity up to max. 2000 kg
  • customized: different heights available
  • Electric or pneumatic drive system

A lifting column is needed to safely lift FIBCs and for a correct positioning to mount the connection system to start the discharging process. The product discharge can be additionally supported by tensioning the FIBCs to avoid twisting. Lifting columns are an ideal solution for table frames when no cantilever portal can be used.


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