Loading Gears

A loading gear with chain hoist mounted to a runway track is the standard lifiting device to move FIBCs for applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical or food industry.

  • Standard version for mounting of FIBCs (with loop holders) to hooks with or without winding drum
  • Additional version with 2 hooks for stabilization of the FIBCs during the transport
  • Optional winding drum for tightening the inner liner of the FIBC
  • Loading gear for restricted room and construction height
  • Loading capacity: 1.000 or 2.000 kg
  • Various EX-designs
  • Electric or pneumatic drive system

A lifting device is needed to safely lift FIBCs and for a correct positioning to mount the connection system to start the discharging process. The product discharge can be additionally supported by tensioning the FIBCs to avoid twisting. 


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