Support Table SAT-WV

HECHT's Safety Support Table with Massaging System and Vibration Motor SAT-WV is a combination of different agitation units in one FIBC support.
It is especially suited for extremely poor-flowing or bridging products.
The FIBC support is permanently mounted to the frame or available as stand-alone version and acts as an additional safeguard.

  • Combined FIBC support with different discharging aids
  • Integrated vibration motor to for dissolving lumps
  • Mechanical treatment and massaging of the FIBC bottom
  • For extremely poor-flowing and bridging products
  • Permanently mounted to the frame
  • Stand-alone version available
  • Acts as additional safeguard for the FIBC support
  • Various materials available

FIBC supports are used for working under suspended loads and are a standard equipment for nearly all FIBC discharging stations. They provide protection for the operator as well as the entire system. For safety reasons the FIBC is placed on the support table and by using the lifting device the weight of the FIBC is minimized. The integrated vibration motor sets the FIBC bottom and the outlet unit in vibration.
An additional massaging system makes sure, product bridges or crystalline compounds are loosened and the flow behaviour of the product is significantly improved.



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