Sack Discharging Station RVS

HECHT‘s SE-RVS is a sack discharging station in hygienic design with integrated vibrating sieve for dissolution of small lumps and separation of contaminants. The integrated protective vibrating sieve holds back all impurities that must not get in touch with the product or that exceed a defined particle size (protective sieve). Furthermore, small lumps can easily be dissolved. Because of the internal vibration decoupling, no hygienically critical transition sleeves are needed (one-piece casing). If necessary for product changes, the sieve can be exchanged without using any kinds of tools.
Due to the round design, the SE-RVS can easily be cleaned and is suitable for the use in Ex-zones. A ventilator behind the external filter generates a continuous low pressure in the system in order to avoid the emission of dust while discharging the sack. The suction can be switched on automatically when opening the front flap.

  • Integrated vibrating sieve for separation of contaminants and packaging remains
  • Contaminants can be immediately removed using a sieve located at the top
  • Onsite dedusting unit can easily be integrated
  • Empty sack disposal or compactor of lifting tables (optional)
  • Mobile version with fixed or swivel castors
  • A mobile frame supports the quick sieve change, cleaning and maintenance of the station
  • Customized or Hygienic Design
  • Various sieves inserts 
  • Optional discharging aids
  • ATEX versions available
SE-RVS im Reinraum
SE-RVS im Reinraum

The operator opens the filling flap and places the sack is onto the support table. Using a knife, the operator opens the sack and empties the product. The protective vibrating sieve is driven by a vibration motor. It prevents impurities or packaging remains from getting in touch with the product flow. In addition, small lumps are dissolved by the vibration. The empty sack can be disposed through a laterally mounted empty sack disposal chute (optional). After the discharge the operator shuts the front flap. If required, the sack discharge station can be wet cleaned.


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