Sack Discharging Station SE-H

The SE-H is available as a basic model for on-site dedusting or with top-mounted filter. The spacious hopper consists of a product buffer of 260 liters. The large grid of 50 mm x 50 mm can be easily exchanged without any tooling.

The discharging station SE-H is easy to use and a simple and cost-effective version for various tasks. 

Due to the compact construction it can be used in confined space conditions. 

  • On top filter for an onside  dedusting as well as an onside dedusting with filters can be integrated
  • Easy to clean due to the open construction 
  • Easy and fast change of the grid 
  • Basic an cost effective version
  • No training for operating 
  • For confined space conditions
  • Several materials and surfaces to customized requirements 
  • Lifting table for ergonomic handling optionally 
  • Customized versions for ATEX or in Hygienic Design on request
  • Empty suck chute or compactor optionally
  • Versions with machine feet or with fixed or swivel castors 
  • Various sieve inserts 

The operator provides the sacks to be discharged and activates the exhaust system. After opening the front flap, the operator places the sack onto the support table and pushes it into the sack discharge station. Using a knife, the sack is opened and emptied.

The empty sack can then be removed from the discharge station. Optionally, it can be disposed of via an empty-sack chute. After discharging all sacks, the operator closes the front flap and switches off the exhaust system.

If necessary the station can be cleaned wet. 


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