Sack Discharging Station SE-H-EF

The sack discharge station SE H-EF with integrated filter and protective vibrating sieve is used for hygienic applications in many different areas. The integrated filter (PE filter with PTFE coating and extremely high separation efficiency) avoids product carryover and thus product loss. The easy-to-clean and hygienic design as well as the user-friendly Integration of the filter elements simplify the handling of any kind of products.

  • Integration of up to 4 filter elements possible
  • No product carryover during the exhaust process
  • Protective vibrating sieve for separation of contaminants 
  • Big variation on materials and surfaces available on request
  • Inboard Vibration decoupling, without compensators
  • Operator-friendly Integration of the filter elements
  • Convenient operation
  • Little required space
  • Scissors lift for ergonomic handling
  • Available in hygienic design
  • Empty-sack disposal and compactor (standard or hygienic design)
  • Optional design with machine feet or mobile Version with fixed and swivel castors

The operator opens the filling flap and places the sack is onto the support table. Using a knife, the Operator opens the sack and empties the product. The protective vibrating sieve is driven by a vibration motor. It prevents impurities or packaging remains from getting in touch with the product flow. In addition, small lumps are dissolved by the vibration. The empty sack can be disposed of through a laterally mounted empty sack disposal chute (optional). After the discharge the operator shuts the front flap. If required, the sack discharge station can be cleaned using water.







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