Dosing Screw

HECHT dosing screw systems are particularly suitable for metering freely flowing bulk solids. In case of poor-flowing bulk solids, even feeding of the product is ensured using a discharge device. Depending on the application, volumetric or gravimetric systems can be used.

  • Quick dismantle version (optional)- fast removal of the screw for cleaning and inspection
  • Outlet sealing (prevents trickling of the product after dosing  has been completed)
  • Gland box or air seal
  • Version with Explosion protection
  • Different materials on request
  • Various sizes depending on the application
  • Volumetric or gravimetric
  • Simple integration of process systems
  • Versions in hygienic design

Depending on the bulk material in use and the respective application, our dosing screws can be used either volumetrically or gravimetrically. Substances and granulates with good flow behaviour can therefore be volumetrically dosed. The necessary flow rate can easily be regulated by the rotation speed of the screw. According to the rotation number the dosing capacity depends on the flow rate that is conveyed per time unit.
For loss-in-weight dosing according to a fixed, documentable default nominal value, a gravimetric dosing is recommended in combination with a weighing and control device. Here, the mass flow control and measuring is done via weight control.


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