Dosing Valve

Vibrating dosing valves are a simple and efficient solution for a smooth discharging of bulk solids like powders or granulates. A smooth flow rate is generated due to the vibration and the bulk material can flow freely. Product bridges, crystalline compounds can be loosened and a correct dosing is guaranteed.  

  • Mechanically driven vibration and dosing valve
  • High-frequent vibration (ca. 300-500Hz)
  • Simple regulation for a continuous product flow
  • High output performance
  • Very accurate fine dosing
  • Shaft with multiple bearings
  • One-piece, gap-free connections
  • Reduction of incrustations
  • Coarse and fine flow dosing
  • Simple integration into different filling stations

With the dosing valve, the vibrations of the on-site vibrator are directly transferred to the valve disc which starts to oscillate linearly. This leads to a loosening (fluidization) of the product on the contact surface and transport it to the edge of the valve disc and dissolve the accumulated product along the created gap. The vibration frequencey is controlled by the air pressure.


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