FDS Dosing System

The FDS is a hygienic product-gentle dosing system. It is used for metering bulk solids and can be integrated in almost every filling and dosing station. The target weight can be input by an metering control unit, then the right weight is controlled with the support of an weighing unit.  When the target weight is reached the product flow is stopped. Up to the dosing unit a precision of a few grams can be reached. 

















































































FDS dosing system
  • Vibration unit at the filling vessel for a smooth product flow 
  • Delumping of product bridges and crystalline compounds 
  • High performance, because of the use of the whole product tube profile
  • Easy to clean, no mechanical parts inside the product flow
  • Hygienic Design,  no edges and no corners 
  • No product adhesion due to the permanent change of the tube diameter 
  • Metering with a accuracy of a few grams 
  • Flexible product tube for a gentle dosing 
  • Compact construction 
  • Integration into existing systems 

The innovation of the dosing unit is the closing system. There are no mechanical parts in the product stream, due to the use of a flexible product hose. The squeezing mechanism of the flexible product hose the diameter of the hose is decreased or if necessary fully closed. First, the metering parameters and the desired target weight are entered into the scales/metering system. In coarse flow mode, the squeezing mechanisms open up to the adjustable stops. This can be the maximum diameter of the tube. In fine flow, one squeezing arm is closed completely. When closing or when reaching the desired target weight, the squeezing mechanisms close completely. Metering up to a few grams possible (depending on the size of the equipment and the product). The compact design allows for integration into existing filling and metering systems or can be used for a fully closing.


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