Rotary Valve

The rotary feeder in easy-to-clean design from HECHT is especially used for frequent product changes. It is a dosing device for various filling stations or loading point for screening machines, particularly for food or pharmaceutical applications. The particularly easy cleaning offers an enormous advantage with frequent product changes.

  • The rotor is made of synthetic material and therefore very light
  • Easy dismounting without tools
  • Various rotorgeometrics and axis
  • For Ex-zones applicable
  • Hygienic shaft seal
  • The single-edged bearing of the rotor makes it easy to dismount the rotor
  • All surfaces that are in contact with the product are FDA compliant
  • Easy to clean

The rotor transfers a determined product quantity from the product inlet to the product outlet of the feeder and ensures a controlled and precise dosing. By adjusting the rotational velocity, the product flow can be controlled. A magnetic safety sensor prevents the rotor from driving  after the lid is opened.


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