Filling Station BG

Filling Stations with overhead scales are especially suitable for transportable systems as well as for robust industrial applications. 
The overhead scale is placed on a protected position and minimizes the risk of potential damages through forklifts.
Filling stations with overhead scales can optionally be mounted in a hanging position so there is no need for a floor support. An optimal cleaning of the system and the surroundings is therefore guaranteed.

  • Frame version with overhead scale
  • Accessible from one side
  • Automatic adaption to different FIBC sizes
  • Feeding with hand palett truck possible
  • Optional: Product compaction via clocked control
  • Lifting force depending on the design up to 1500 kg
  • Different materials and designs
  • Customized designs 
  • Integration of different filling heads
  • Square - and round tube frames 

The empty FIBC is mounted to the loop holders of the supporting frame.
The entire station can be installed in a hanging- or standing position. An integration of overhead scales is possible.
Depending on the application, different filling heads can be connected. The FIBCs can accurately be filled with the product by a defined clocked control. 
Once the filling process is done, the FIBC can be carted off with a forklift or a palett truck.


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