Filling Station HS

The HECHT Filling station with lifting column comes with a complete external panelling. All power- and supply lines are installed below the dismountable stainless steel casing.
The smooth surfaces are in hygienic design and easy to clean. The floor scale is designed in an E-shape for special user comfort, therefore the station can be operatd with a hand pallett truck. 

  • Lifting column with electric- or pneumatic-hydraulic spindle stroke
  • Accessible from three sides
  • Automatic adjustment to different FIBC sizes
  • E-shaped or oder U-shaped scale
  • Usage of hand pallett truck only with E-shaped scale
  • Product compaction with vibration table and und pulse stroke (no usage of hand pallett trucks when a vibration table is integrated)
  • Lifting force from 750kg to 1500 kg
  • Integration of all common filling heads possible

The empty FIBC is mounted to the loop holder by the height-adjustable lifting column with either manual adjustment (via perforated strips) or automatical adjustment (via electrical spindle or pneumatic cylinder).
For gravimetric filling, the entire station can be placed on load cells. 
Depending on your requirements, different filling heads can be used. Once the filling process is finalized, the FIBC will be placed on a pallett and can be transported  with a hand pallett truck. 


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