LBK-EC "Easy"

The Liner filling head LBK-EC "Easy" for charging Big Bags provides the solution by offering defined and safe handling with a logical operating sequence of only a few steps. Tailor-made to meet your discharging requirements, it enables easy, ergonomic and especially safe discharging of powder.

  • Pneuamtic or electro-pnaumatic Control unit with 3 buttons:
    Connecting, Sealing and Disconnecting
  • Almost No consumables like O-Rings
  • Fast change of Big Bags or liners
  • Side Port with endless liner system
  • Automatic pneumatic and mechanical sealing
  • Containment up to OEB 5
  • Optional WIP and CIP Equipment
  • Ergonomic Handling





The LBK-EC is closed at the product outlet with a shower cap. The new liner is pulled over the shower cap while the port is open. Then the port will be closed and the showercap removed through the side port. The liner will be automatically fixed. The inflatable seals are activated to ensure a high level of containment during the filling process. The bulk material can be filled into the FIBC or liner by gravity. This can be achieved either by means of a downpipe or a conveyor device. The vacuum conveyor PCC type 150 to 300, for example, is particularly suitable for this purpose.After filling, the liner must be separated from the liner filling head with the HECHT High Contain-ment Closing System. A part of the liner now closes the product outlet again. With the optional WIP version, the LBK-EC can also be washed. The LBK-EC provides an endless liner side port to save time during the FIBC change.


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