Liner Filling Head LBK

The HECHT Liner Filling Head LBK enables a dust-free High Containment Filling (up to OEL≤ 1 μg/m³) of any kinds of bins with or without inliners. It guarantees operator-, environment- and product protection from hazardous contaminations. The usage of protective foils (liners) even during container- or bin exchange enables a high Containment. The LBK was especially designed for the handling of extremely toxic products and for demanding applications in the food-, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, for example to avoid cross-contamination.









  • Suitable for FIBCs, Mini Bags, drums, container (adapter necessary)
  • Easy handling due to double O-Ring technology
  • EX-design available
  • WIP- and CIP-design with covers and spray nozzles (optional)
  • Dedusting / Evacuation
  • Steady Containment due to protective foils with sealing effect
  • Integration into existing stations
  • Different materials and mounting methods
  • Loading nozzle optionally with endless liner port
  • Integrated filter (optional)

































































































































Due to its double O-Ring technology with foldable mechanical seal, the liner filling head can be applied for High Containment applications.
































































































































A protective foil seals the product filling pipe and the lateral loading nozzle even when no container is attached. For the filling process the liner is connected to the product filling pipe with a connector ring. Afterwards a liner is attached to the lateral loading nozzle in order to remove the rest of the contaminated foil of the previously connected container. Finally, a mechanical seal can be fixed and the filling process can be started.
































































































































An additional cleaning function is available with by optional WIP- oder CIP-Design to ensure hygienic conditions. In order to save time during the bin change, an endless liner can be mounted at the lateral loading port.


































































































































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