Protective Liner Filling Head SBK

HECHT's Protective Liner Filling Head SBK with endless liner technology guarantees a dust-free and closed filling process (up to OEL 1-10 μg/m³) of different kinds of bins. The SBK is especially suitable for handling of hazardous substances and for demanding Pharma-, Food- and Chemical applications.

  • Closed and safe handling with protective liners even when no bin is attached
  • Optional filling of Mini FIBCs or Containers
  • Trickle protection
  • Ex-Design possible
  • WIP-cover with jet nozzle available
  • Aspiration / Evacuation
  • Space-saving Endless Liner package 
  • Different sizes available

With the protective endless liner technology a closed and contamination-free connecting and filling is possible. Even with no container attached, the protective foil seals the product filling pipe. The folded endless liner package acts as a foil dispenser (up to 30m) for filling of various bins and only requires a minimum of storage space. A contamination-free exchange is therefore guaranteed. Optionally the SBK can be equipped with a trickle protection function to avoid product trickling from the outlet valve. With the optional WIP function, the SBK can be cleaned to achieve high-level hygienic conditions.


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