Spoon Sampler

The HECHT Spoon Sampler is a convenient inline sampling system with a flexible sampling vessel (spoon) that can be operated either pneumatically or manually. The spoon sampler is perfectly suitable for installations in downpipes. Even poor-flowing products can easily be sampled and filled in various sample vessels.

  • During the sampling process, the sampler does not interfere with the product flow
  • By means of a small knocker it is possible to even discharge poor-flowing products from the flexible sampling vessel (spoon).
  • Sealed product filling pipe with flexible cuff and end seal
  • Easy to dismantle (Tri-Clamps) and easy to clean
  • Discharge into various sampling vessels (for example bottles); Connection to a sampling magazine or a sample connector with endless liner is possible

During the sample process with the HECHT spoon sampler, the empty spoon is inserted in the vertical product flow. A previously defined amount of product can now be collected with the spoon. Following, the filled spoon draws back into the sampling case, rotates 180° and drops the sample product into a discharge nozzle or a collecting tank.  A special sealing unit protects the guidance for the longitudinal movement as well as for the rotation.


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