Outlet Connection System AAS

HECHT's Outlet-Connection-System AAS is used for low-dust discharging (up to OEL 1.000 – 5.000 μg/m³) of FIBCs with our without inner liners and features a double protection against dust leakage. Environment and operator are protected against coarse contamination.
The AAS is particularly used for handling non-hazardous and dusty bulk solids in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

  • Easy handling
  • Two-hand lever mechanism to avoid the risk of crushing 
  • EX-design 
  • "Double Ring" serves as additional protection against dust leakage
  • Exchangeable inner tube for different FIBC outlets (optional)
  • Subsequent filter retrofitting
  • Dedusting via tubular outlet
  • FIBC evacuation possible
  • Various diameters
  • Clamp-, tubular- or flange outlet
  • Different materials

The Outlet Connection System is characterized by its simple handling.
For discharging, the closed FIBC outlet is pulled over the inner tube and fixed with the sealing flange by means of the two-hand lever mechanism. This makes sure that the operator is protected against potential injuries caused by squeezing or bruising his/her fingers between the sealing flange and the outer tube.
When connecting the FIBC outlet, folds may occur at the inner tube and there's a risk of product loss. In order to avoid this, a "double ring" consisting of outer and inner tube serves as an additional protection. The product is then collected in this area and fed back to the product flow.
In case of using FIBCs with different outlet diameters, the inner tube can be exchanged in order to adapt the AAS to the required outlet. To remove excess air, the entire system (including the FIBC) can be dedusted and evacuated via an exhaust air connector after the discharging process.


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