Outlet Connection System AAS

Discover the optimized solution for low-dust discharging – the perfect synergy of efficiency and innovation: Our Outlet-Connection-System (AAS) and the advanced version AAS-EF with integrated dust filter.

HECHT's proven AAS sets standards in low-dust discharge of Big Bags with or without liners. With double protection against dust emission, it ensures the highest level of protection for space and operators, especially with less hazardous and dusty bulk materials in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical sectors. With an impressive performance of up to OEL 1,000 - 5,000 μg/m³, the OCS is the ideal choice for demanding applications.

Our innovative advancement, the Outlet Connection System with integrated dust filter (AAS-EF), defines efficiency and convenience at a new level.
The integrated dust filter eliminates the need for an external filter unit. With a performance of up to OEL 100-1,000 μg/m³, the AAS-EF is the preferred choice in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries.


Customer benefits of AAS:

  • Easy handling with two-hand lever technology
  • Replaceable inner tube allows adaptation to Big Bags with different outlet diameters
  • Dust extraction via suction nozzle possible
  • Evacuation of the Big Bags possible
  • Various sizes and connection options such as clamp, nozzle, or flange outlet
  • Subsequent upgrade with filter retrofit kit to AAS-EF

Additional customer benefits of AAS-EF:

  • Integrated dust filter eliminates the need for an external filter
  • Space and cost savings by eliminating the external filter
  • No product loss due to escaping dust
  • No product carryover into the suction lines
  • No cross-contamination
  • Low cleaning effort

Technology of AAS:

  • Discharge by simply pulling the tied Big Bag outlet over the inner tube
  • Secure fixation using two-hand lever technology and sealing flange
  • Whirled-up product is captured between the inner and outer tubes and returned to the product flow
  • Dust extraction and system evacuation possible after discharge

Additional technology of AAS-EF:

  • Separation of the product in the connection system
  • The integrated dust filter allows the separation of dusty and dust-free air
  • Prevents product from reaching the clean side or into the suction
  • Eliminates the need for extensive cleaning of the dust removal equipment
  • Virtually no product loss or carryover into the suction

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