Frames can be classified in three different versions:

  • Table Frames: Tables are small and space-saving stand-alone units for fastening different connection systems and an FIBC support. See also Support Tables
  • Gantry Frames: Cantilever or gantry frames are self-sufficient stations for fastening different connection systems and an FIBC support. They consist of a frame and an integrated runway girder with chain hoist and loading gear.
  • Modular Frames: Modular frames are self-sufficient and flexible stations for sporadic discharging of FIBCs. They consist of a frame, a pneumatic height adjustment for FIBCs and the respective outlet tensioning device for the connection system. Normally, a forklift is used as the lifting device in order to mount the FIBC in the modular frame.

Portal- and Modular Frames:

  • Stand-alone FIBC discharging station
  • Suitable for rooms with high ceilings with only little loading capacity -consideration of the respective floor conditions is necessary.
  • Loss-in-weight control 
  • Available as space-saving cantilever portal (floor-mounting necessary) or gantry portal for an even load distribution on the floor
  • Regular steel, galvanized or stainless steel version
  • Modular frames available as mobile version or with forklift shoes - Chain hoist can replace the forklift as a lifting device

In order to fasten a connection system, the FIBC support and the accessories, a respective frame is needed. Depending on the use case, the industry and the necessary operator height, there are various designs available. All kinds of frames can be can be equipped with different support tables, discharging aids and other options, depending on the floor behaviour. Height, breadth and accessories can be individually combined. Surfaces and materials can be defined according to your specifications. It has to be taken into account that the ideal operator height of the connection systems is at approximately 1600 mm.


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