Sack Discharging Station SE-CS

To ensure effective operator protection, it is essential to contain the product at the production site, from the first step in the process until final packaging. In addition, the risk of cross-contamination is prevented to ensure operator protection. When using hazardous substances, our systems provide the safety to work without personal protective equipment at any time. The pressure-controlled High Containment Sack discharge station SE CS ensures dust-proof, contamination-free discharge of your sacks up to OEB Level 5, meeting the highest hygienic requirements. A glovebox with connected continuous liner packages makes sure that the system is hermetically sealed at any time. The sacks are provided in an isolator via an airlock. Negative pressure prevents dust from escaping, and the personnel does not come into contact with the product.


  • Containment Version - discharge up to OEB 5 / OEL < 1 μg/m3
  • Contamination-free exchange of the gloves and the continuous liner kits
  • Dust-free emptying of sacks
  • Ex version for zones: inside 1/12; outside 2/22
  • Special versions available on request
  • Hygienic design
  • Empty sack disposal and compactor (standard or hygienic design)
  • Optional design with machine feet or mobile version with fixed and swivel castors
  • Integration of various filter elements possible

The product is fed through an airlock with continuous liner on the left-hand side of the isolator. The liner is closed twice after the sack.  The operator handles and opens the sack inside the glovebox using the gloves. The sack can then be separated from the endless liner and emptied. Then, the continuous liner is closed twice after the next sack, and the already emptied sack is cut off. In the next step, the empty sack is directly disposed of into a waste bin through a pipe on the right-hand side. At no time are contaminated surfaces open. The pressure inside the sack discharge Station is continuously monitored in order to prevent the escape of air and oxygen.


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