Bin Filling Stations

Bin Filling Stations normally consist of various components. 
Heart of every system is the filling head. Depending on the application, a filling head for individual filling of single sacks or liners can be integrated or a filling head with continuous liner can be connected.
Further components for optional integration are loading cells, a dosing function, sampling systems as well as supporting frames or roller tracks.
Feeding of the systems is performed via downpipes or by a pneumatic conveyor like the HECHT PCC.

  • Implementation of all common filling heads
  • Integration in existing production systems
  • Filling of various (small) bins like drums, cartons or sacks
  • Connection to discharging units of dryers, centrifuges or blenders
  • Hygienic Design oder ATEX version 
  • Inertisation possible
  • Various materials and surfaces
  • Different HECHT systems integrable
  • Filling via downpipes or pneumatic conveyor PCC

Before starting the filling process, the operator positions the drum or another kind of bin under the filling head. Subsequently, the bin can be filled immediately or the containers can be lined with a continuous foil.  Depending on the application, the entire system can be exhausted and inerted with nitrogen.
After taring the scale, the filling process can be started.
Upon request, the entire system can be integrated in an existing plant and can run semi-outomated to improve your efficiency.


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