Containment Sampling System CPP

The HECHT Containment Sampling Port CPP has been designed for sampling under Containment conditions up to OEB 5. The sample is filled into wide-mouth bottles and can be visually checked until the desired filling level is reached. The filled bottle is removed via the endless liner. The Containment Sample Port can be easily combined with all common HECHT samplers like the sled or the screw samplers.

  • Unique system - patent pending
  • Sampling under Containment conditions
  • Easy handling - no control system or other media required
  • Optional: WIP Cleaning
  • Combinable with all HECHT samplers 
  • A sample bottle is fed through the push port into the sample port.
  • Another bottle is inserted and pushed into the correct position using the push-port cover. This allows the bottle that has been inserted first to be taken out at the lower port. The system is always sealed against the outside via the push port.
  • The bottle can then be easily handled inside the endless liner. The cap of the bottle is fixed in the cap holder, the bottle is unscrewed and screwed into the threaded port of the downpipe. Filling of the bottle can be visually checked. 
  • Then, the bottle is unscrewed from the threaded port of the downpipe and screwed to the cap fixed in the cap holder. 
  • The bottle is passed out via the endless liner.

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