Vacuum Sampler

The HECHT Vacuum Sampler is ideally suited for closed and automated inline-sampling of powders and granulated materials from a product column. The special design for flush-wall-installation was recently patented: Due to its dead-space-free structure, the vacuum sampler neither contains mechanical parts protruding into the production flow, nor any hidden angles, which could complicate a thorough cleaning. Therefore, it is ideally suitable for poor flowing products and high-level hygienic- and Containment applications.

  • Sampling process flexibly adjustable due to different sizes of the sealing valve, the opening degree and the opening time
  • Vacuum-tight and pressure resistant (up to 2,0 bar)
  • Production flow is permanently free of mechanic parts
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Fast and simple dismantling due to Tri-Clamp connections
  • Single components are easy to clean manually; wet cleaning is possible
  • Dead-space-free construction simplifies the cleaning considerably
  • Sampling is possible from blenders, dryers, pressure vessels and stirring tanks  


The pneumatic swivel drive opens the sealing valve via rotation (max. 180°) By means of a vacuum function, the product is aspired from the product column. An integrated ring filter avoids product loss in the vacuum pump. As soon as the defined amount is collected in the glass bottle, the ring filter is cleaned with a pressure impulse and the sealing valve closes.
Optional: Additional (Glove-) Box for Containment applications, shut-off devices to seal the sampler and avoid trickling when no bottle is attached; Expandable with sampling magazine for up to 24 samples or with a collector with endless liner.


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